Staff Training and Competencies

Safe Response staff members working with your referred for services receive substantial training in general residential treatment with additional training being provided to build competency in working with those youth who have engaged in sexually maladaptive or harmful behavior.  In partnership with IN-AJSOP, all staff members working in the program complete training resulting in IN-AJSOP credentialing (Level 1) or training certificates (Direct Care Training – Level 3).  In addition, staff members are provided client-specific training related to each child’s Individual Program Plan and Behavior Plan as applicable.  Level 3 Training includes a number of important topics and competencies related to youth with sexual behavior problems including understanding risk and recidivism, best practice approaches to identifying risk, staff self-care, foundational sexual behavior information, developmental pathways for sexual acting out behaviors, understanding bias and diversity, trauma and adverse childhood experiences, trauma-informed systems of care, effective supervision, and safety plans, among others.  Staff members must demonstrate competencies in core IN-AJSOP Level 3 areas and/or repeat the training at least annually.

Safe Response will never display the faces or personal details of actual clients.
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