Description of Program and Treatment Components

Services include a variety of treatment tasks that adolescents will complete during their time at the group home as directed by a Best Practice Individualized Program Plan. These services are directed by a State Certified CSAYC clinician. Services begin by ensuring safety and stabilization and move quickly to the active phase of treatment.  As goals are attained and risk reduced, the focus of services turns to ongoing reinforcement of changes and movement toward clarification and reunification.  The major treatment components consist of completing:

  • Developmentally Sensitive Sexual Education
  • Trauma Outcome Process/Cycle of Abuse
  • High-Risk Situation Identification
  • Sexual Behavior and Sexual Risk History
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Offense-Specific and Offense-Related Factors/Behaviors Identification
  • Victim Apology and Clarification (if clinically appropriate)
  • Development and Adherence to Best Practice Safety Plan
  • Good Life Model – Healthy Social Behaviors
Safe Response will never display the faces or personal details of actual clients.
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