Reducing Risk. Reunifying Families.

Safe Response is an agency that provides therapeutic group homes for adolescent boys aged 12-20 who have struggled with sexually maladaptive behaviors.

Best practice approaches are also utilized to resolve comorbid needs including but not limited to delinquency, family disruption, behavioral health challenges, and mental health needs. 

The Safe Response program emphasizes highly structured, highly supervised, and intensive stabilization, treatment, and transition services. The mission of Safe Response is to provide a healthy living space where services allow for risk to be reduced and reunification to become a reality. We believe youth and families are resilient and are able to modify factors in their lives and engage again in behaviors and relationships that are fulfilling, safe, and healthy.

The ultimate goal of Safe Response’s direct and purposeful best practice services is to significantly reduce the risk that youth will repeat harmful or maladaptive behaviors in the future!

Safe Response will never display the faces or personal details of actual clients.
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